OPAC launches the prototype of « umbrella » shade system


11/2009 –
Avant-gard designer and maker of custom yacht shade systems and supplier to leading yacht builders worldwide, OPAC presents new variant of revolutionary yacht shade system. After it successfully delivered its original umbrella design, and given yacht builders needs to conceptualize solutions that may not alter boat unique lines, OPAC is now launching a new variant to prior ‘fan’ shade design, in a new modified retractable system and new movement.

While in OPAC’s original design the mechanism is situated longitudinally, the new design enables new transversal position. The structure is encased inside space created on the boat’s flybridge or deck. New OPAC umbrella features centrally grouped serial gears that motion fan sticks synchronically. The automatic mechanism is hydraulically or electrically actuated.

Fan sticks on both sides rotate specularly to converge centrally and form one sun shade zone of 180°. Fan width is in proportion to the greatest available width on the flybridge or deck. Fan radius is half the available width. Fan sticks are shaped based on boat beam convexity.






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