Sleeker, Further, Greener: Vitruvius Picchiotti, Exuma awarded at MYS 2010


09/2010 –

Sleeker, Further, Greener: Vitruvius Picchiotti, Exuma awarded the GREEN PLUS PLATINUM certificate and GREEN Yacht of the Year award.

Rina is one of the oldest classification societies in the world and has established its commitment to environmental excellence by launching the goal-based class notation, GREEN PLUS.

The voluntary notation is based on an environmental performance index, which covers all aspects of the vessel’s impact on the environment, including but not limited to carbon emissions.

The new class notation is granted to new vessels which make a significant investment in design solutions, onboard equipment, and operational procedures that contribute to an improvement in environmental performance beyond the minimum levels required by international regulations on environmental protection.

Today the Vitruvius Picchiotti, Exuma (read also our presentation of MY Exuma), was awarded the GREEN PLUS PLATINUM certificate, as well as the GREEN Yacht of the Year award in recognition for her proven commitment to environmental excellence.

The Green Platinum award is the highest calibre green certificate a yacht can achieve.
From the outset of the design process, the owner, the architects, Philippe Briand, Vitruvius Yachts Ltd and the shipyard, Picchiotti, were determined to create and build the ultimate environmentally friendly explorer yacht.

With this aim the primary focus of the design was CO2 reduction.

As stated in the Kyoto agreement, the reduction of CO2 emissions is at the heart of the conservation of our Planet. In response, Vitruvius Picchiotti yachts are designed to significantly reduce resistance to the water [or drag] relative to conventional displacement yachts, thereby consuming less and ultimately reducing CO2 output.
The main contributing factor is the Briand optimized hull form. The hull has a stretched waterline length which has been extensively tank-tested. The hull has a reduced transom immersion and a plumb bow. The clean aft sections allow for easy flow on the propellers.

The Vitruvius Picchiotti has notably balanced superstructure volumes resulting in further weight savings.

She has a lower centre of gravity, resulting in less pitching and rolling, which minimizes added drag associated to ship motions.

Measured performance
From the project’s inception, the cruising speed of Exuma was identified as 12 knots, and the concept was realized around this figure.

The measurements made at the official sea trials in June 2010 have shown that at a speed of 12 knots, and corresponding engine revolutions of 1400 rpm, fuel rates were measured as 9.8litres /nautical mile. This is a key figure.

As a side note, it may be observed that at 14 knots, there is still excess engine power of about 50%.

This extra power must be considered as reserve power for two crucial reasons: the first being the capacity to reach a top speed of 17 knots; the second to maintain the ability to sail safely in rough weather (Exuma was designed with a clear “explorer” programme in mind).

No other comparable motor yacht has ever achieved this low consumption rate.
The cooperation between the owner, Philippe Briand and the Perini Navi Group has resulted in the unparalleled ecologically responsible Vitruvius Picchiotti yacht, Exuma. Tech Specs of Picchiotti Exuma

The range of Picchiotti on

The range of Perini Navi on

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