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09/2010 –

Since he founded Wally in 1993, Luca Bassani innovates, surprises and sometimes disturbes. At the Monaco Yacht Show this year, the shipyard presented its latest Wally 100 designed by German Frers. Y3K has won the Maxi Rolex Cup in her first regatta. In Monaco were exposed the Wallypower 73, replacing 70 feet, and the Wallypower 55 that was launched last year. After the buzz generated by his Wallygator in 1991, the former top Italian racer created, with great daring and success, his own brand. Thus, in July 2010, 41 boats, including 3 Wallynano have been launched. Present on the market for motor yachts since 2001, the shipyard also launched 37 Wallypower, 65 Wallytender and 2 very ambitious projects.

A new star is born.

Wally decided to enter a new world with the Wallyace, a 26 meters displacement yacht. Following the requests from customers wanting a little more comfort while consuming a little less, the shipyard imagined a stretched lines unit offering very wide open spaces. Two boats are currently under construction. They will be delivered in spring 2011 to their owners who will benefit from an incredible rear cabin overlooking the swim platform. This displacement yacht promises very pleasant life aboard with 3 well defined levels: all cabins are located at the waterline (3 or 4 on top of the crews’), meals are served on the deck at the front or rear, or inside, while we find deck chairs and sun beds on the Flybridge. Among the advantages of this unit are the 3 large outdoor spaces, the interior which is extremely spacious and flexible, and the side garage with rails for a 6-meters tender, from which we access to the front and the crew area. This first 26 meters  Wallyace, the launch of which is highly anticipated, should be the first in a range expected to quickly grow.


WhenWHY becomes When.

Launched in 2008, the WHY project seems to be closer to realization (read also our presentation of the WHY project part 1 and part 2). The engineering plans are completed and soon will be announced an estimated price that should be around 45 million Euros. Wally should also unveil the yard where the yacht will be built. Since the scale model, the WHY lost a few meters but still measures 37 meters by 24. Several details were modified like the roof which will no longer be in one piece but in 3 pieces, some of them fixed and others movable. If the shape will somewhat change, the functions remain, particularly regarding the energy management. Thus, particular attention has been paid to thermal insulation, solar panels on the roof and hull, as well as a generator, which will supply a large fleet of batteries offering a range of a dozen hours. Everything will be managed by a computer system also able to carry out a reduction in consumption according to the place and time. For its 10 guests and 15 crew members, the 37×24 WHY should offer other innovations, with her 3 bridges and some 1,000 m² of living space. If confirmed, the 58×38 originally planned, will turn 4,000 m², 4 bridges and will welcome 16 guests and 24 crew members. Thus, one year after frantic media during her announcement, the Wally Hermes Yacht project, even if the designer has withdrawn from financial plan, is finally going to be marketed.

Sailing yachts at pier.

On the sailboat side, a 50 meters is under construction while a 45 meters is being signed. Since the begining, Wally is very successful with its sailboats. Since 1998, in order to show his boats, Luca Bassani brings together his most prestigious units to Saint-Tropez. Many owners come back every year to this glamorous tropezian stopover to compete in the Wally Cup. A dozen of them will attend the “Voiles de Saint-Tropez” regattas amongst more than 300 yachts. The incredible spectacle of avant-garde sailboats under sail but also moored in the old fishing port will once again mesmerize the crowd. For if they bother sometimes, the Wally boats never leave anyone indifferent. In 2008, was very excited at the launch of Wallynano [read our article]. But unfortunately, no yard has been able to control its manufacture and cost, and only 3 units of this wonderful Day Boat crisscross the Mediterranean sea. However, the always responsive and innovative manufacturer from Monaco, let us understand that it would find the solution to revive this class.

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  1. Paul Bannon 3 March 2013 at 22 h 56 min

    The Esense is beautiful, my favorite boat, and I was wondering if it could be made to look and sail right, as a two masted schooner?

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