Wajer & Wajer introduces the new Wajer Osprey 34

Wajer & Wajer has started construction on the brand-new design for the Osprey 34. While a family connection with the award winning Wajer Osprey 37 (read also our article on Wajer Osprey 37 Cabrio) is easily recognisable in its design, the 34 comes in a nimbler format, with lots of improvements in terms of manoeuvrability, ease of operation, lower cost of ownership and – most importantly – contemporary sailing comfort.

The Wajer & Wajer yard was started in 1992 by passionate yacht builders who wished to combine Dutch craftsmanship with striking design and smart innovation. The three existing models – the Captain’s Launch, Wajer Osprey 37 and Zeelander – continue to reflect the ambition of the company’s early years. Rather than aspiring to build a yacht in every segment, the Wajer & Wajer yard aims to have for each of its models set the standard at the high-end of its sector.

After the glory years around the turn of the century and the shaky recent period, the yachting world has seen the rise of an entirely new segment. Wajer & Wajer was among the first to design an ideal yacht for this new market: The Wajer Osprey 34.

A whole new sailing experience
Numerous conversations with clients and visitors to the office in Loosdrecht and the yard in Heeg have taught the designers at Wajer & Wajer that the desires of sailors have changed more in the past two years than in the previous twenty. This has been further emphasised by recent developments in the industry. At the top of the market there is a need for downsizing in terms of format without giving up anything in terms of appearance, comfort or performance. At the same time, many would like to upgrade without making boats ‘showier’. And both these tendencies need to take into account issues of environmental sustainability. This is why Wajer started developing the Osprey 34 in 2008 with two leaders in their respective fields: Vripack Naval Architects and Van Oossanen & Associates.

The brief given to the designers and engineers was to devise a luxury yacht that would be instantly recognisable as a Wajer Osprey by its flowing lines, harmonious proportions and sustainable and high quality materials – as evident in areas like the striking window section. Other typical elements include sheltered sailing in the cockpit and the characteristic seating in the foreship, with the helmsman always central to the vessel and surrounded by the onboard party. The designers delivered a yacht that has preserved all the striking design features and qualities of the Osprey 37, while distinguishing itself with a nimbler size and lower cost of ownership thanks to even lower maintenance and operating costs.

To Wajer & Wajer, innovation represents any viable new development that brings benefits to owners. It starts with a highly efficient construction of the composite product with three moulds – hull, deck and interior, including technical details – and work takes place based on the most modern and environmentally friendly closed mould technique, which deploys vacuum injection only.

A reduced water displacement, lower weight and improved hydrodynamics ensure enhanced stability in waves, increased manoeuvrability and an unprecedented level of comfort. In collaboration with Vripack Naval Architects and Van Oossanen & Associates, a great deal of attention was paid to course stability and onboard comfort at low speeds, as well as the prevention of slamming by rolling waves against the hull. A particularly deep V-shaped hull ensures a profile that maximises the waterline and  reduces slamming to an absolute minimum.

A striking example of innovation in the field of comfort and convenience is the 150-degree folding stern swim platform, which has greatly increased the accessibility and user-friendliness of the aft ship. Moreover, thanks to the installation of engines with the most modern diesel technology combined with careful insulation of the engine compartment, the Wajer Osprey 34 is exceptionally quiet – even at speeds exceeding 30 knots.

In addition to the use of eco-friendly and high-quality materials and production methods, yacht construction is increasingly focusing on sustainability in terms of maintenance, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Accordingly, when choosing engines for its new model, Wajer opted for the excellent weight/kW (hp) ratio, quiet performance and low fuel consumption and emissions of Yanmar Marine engines.

For owners looking to be even cleaner and quieter, an optional hybrid propulsion system is available upon request, allowing fully electric propulsion in harbours and environmentally protected areas. All this is achieved without any compromises in terms of performance, and with the required maintenance for the engines reduced to a minimum. This obviously delivers a significant further reduction in the cost of ownership.

The new Wajer Osprey 34 comes with a 150 hp four-cylinder Yanmar diesel TDI engine as standard. Those who wish for more engine power can choose an optional configuration with two such standard engines, or twin 260 hp engines, which are also featured in the latest BMW cars. Another option is the Volvo D4-300 hp engine.

Propulsion is ensured by a stainless steel axle and four-blade high-efficiency propeller. An optional silent bow and stern water jet system can be added for improved manoeuvrability. Depending on the engines chosen, the speed can reach over 30 knots.

Contemporary cruising experience
The special cockpit layout on the Osprey 34 ensures that the helmsman has excellent visibility all around without having to be isolated from family, friends or guests onboard. The freestanding swivelling pilot seat is flanked by two multi-purpose co-pilot seats, and directly behind them are two very comfortable settees. The central LED display and the controls are placed exactly where one would intuitively expect them to be, while the innovative bow shape with improved flared bow and effective spray rails ensure that the cockpit stays dry in all sailing conditions.

Construction of the first Wajer Ospreys 34 has already begun. Sales have started and delivery is scheduled for mid-2011. Tech Specs of Wajer Osprey 34

The range of Wajer Watersport on

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Wajer & Wajer has started construction on the brand-new design for the Osprey 34. While a family connection with the Wajer Osprey 37 is easily recognisable in its design, the 34 comes in a nimbler format, with lots of improvements in terms of manoeuvrability, ease of operation, lower cost of ownership and – most importantly – contemporary sailing comfort.

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