A perfect combination of luxury and performance by T. Fotiadis

Exactly 2 years ago, we introduced a young greek yacht designer who appeared to be promising (read our article T.Fotiadis a young and promising designer), full of energy, enthusiasm, talent and new ideas.

A year after, we presented an amazing 170 meters Megayacht project named Princess Rene (read The Princess Rene Project by T.Fotiadis) that we still believe to be a part of the future of yachting (some renders of the interiors may be available in few months on NauticNews).

Here comes another design from Mr. Fotiadis, which is still built upon the two same rocks: Luxury and Performance.

The Luxury Thunder Boat (not to confuse with Tender boat!), is a 36 meters project that was conceived to combine both the essence of those two rocks, while incorporating a unique and sleek design.  The combination of a deep-V hull and MTU engines, coupled on Arneson drives and Venturi tunnels, as per hydrodynamic-speed calculations, allow the vessel to be taken to a top speed of around 75-80 knots; therein ensuring a spot as one of the top machines ever afloat.

The magic combination of the two “natures” which are Luxury and Performance are smoothly merged in a seamless and timeless fashion. Owner and visitors will get the amenities and comfort of a luxury vessel as well as the thrilling speeds of a performance boat.
Made with materials know-how and standards that few other makers and designers can equal.

Layout Description

Open deck

Moving from the bow to the aft, we find:  the anchor, followed by two vertical ports that are created in such fashion to allow an enormity of light in the galley and salon. Then, the windscreen and the helm with the three seats for those lucky enough to enjoy the ride and view from the wheel. Stern and portside are the stairs that lead down to the berths, galleys and heads.

A huge king size bed is located amidships attached with two fridges-sidetables followed by the corner sofas and tables. Stern and portside we find the entrance-exit from the open deck, leading to the diving deck and to the toys-tenders and storage space.

Right after the entrance-exit are located the four sunbeds attached each one with a personal cabinet for the towels and fridge.

Stateroom Deck

Moving from bow we have a double V.I.P. Berth with its own head. Stern and portside moving to the aft we have two berths that can accomodate up to 4 visitors in 4 single beds. Immediately following we find the crew berth which is a space for two, followed by the guest room with the double Queen size bed.

The salon and galley are next, and after the double stairs is a full beam Master suite.

The engine room, tanks, and all other mechanical equipment are placed at the aft of the vessel for a sleek and balanced performance.


A groundbreaking innovation consists in the hard top roof that folds and dissapears under the deck. It means that a 36 meter coupe yacht converts into a 36 meter Roadster-like powerboat in just under 4 minutes. 2 yachts for the price of one?!

Accomodation layout changes to enhange space on demand. It’s an “Optimal space management”, meaning that it is possible to increase the interior space, for example when we have less guests,  by folding the walls of their berths and increase the space volume of the galley.

Mr Fotiadis confirmed to us that many more innovations are available but they will be disclosed later on…

Stay tunned….

Photo Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

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