The IF60 from T.Fotiadis, still luxury and performance

The readers of NauticNews have already heard about Theodoros Fotiadis because we introduced this talented young designer in 2009 (read our article) with a 170m mega yacht project named Princess Renee (read also our update on this project).

We introduce today a 60 foot powerboat code named IF60, designed by T.Fotiadis with the same ideas of combination of luxury and performance, which should hit water end of 2013… so, tomorrow!

What about this new design, why is it new compared to the existing units?

T.F.: “The main difference between this boat and the existing is that this belongs to a class of its own. The IF 60 powerboat is a vessel conceived to combine both the essence of luxury and performance times’ sleek design. The magic combination of the two “natures” which are Luxury and Performance are smoothly merged in a seamless fashion. Owner and visitors will get the comfort of a luxury vessel as well as the thrills and time saving speeds of a performance boat. Designed following the feeling of Hermes and Zeus Design and made with high end materials know-how and top standards that only Mystic Powerboats can meet, with a light weight yet extremely strong structural construction capable of 6 g’s, it is definitely going to be a separate entity afloat.

The interior layouts comes in 3 basic editions the Luxus Line, Racing line and Tender Line, each one adopting individual characteristics on carpeting-flooring, lighting, automation, furnishing, wall tapestry,  sound systems and more, that can be customized as per owners taste.”

What are the main ideas that guided you throughout this new creation?
T.F.: “I wanted to create a fast yet safe and elegant vessel with a smooth ride able to sleep up to 4-5 people. Since the base hull and performance for the design is a stepped V-hull capable of doing 90knots I had to inweave the elegant side of it so I would not end up having a dragon dressed in silks but instead having a dragon growing up with manners and rules.”

Which shipyard did you choose to build it?
T.F.: “I choose Mystic Powerboats of Deland, Florida because it is a boat builder capable to meet all expectations whether that is deadlines, hull construction, finishing, detailing and all that with a 5 year guarantee.”

Should the IF60 be a commercial success (priced under 3 M€), a complete range of new open yachts will be launched, from 50 to 80 footer.

As for the Princess Renee project previously described, T.Fotiadis is about to complete the interiors, a 12,000 square meters of indoors space, Grand staircase, Fine art gallery, owners master suite and a Dinner area… to be continued.

Do you still create for “home design” or jewelry?

T.F.: “Yes, that’s also a division that we design and fabricate. Jewels, Porcelain and Special constructions such as the Absinth Box made for a private collection in New York. Solid Silver, Makassar ebony massive wood, fine leather and Crystals was used to create this fabulous masterpiece.”

T.Fotiadis invests 60% of his time on Luxury items and interior design, creating such objects helps him understand and overpass the difficulties of very demanding fabrications, in meanings of precision, finishing and detail.

You recently move to Germany, what guided your choices?

T.F.: “I choose to move to Berlin due to the fact that the city is again in the making blossoming once more after the beginning of the past century, I don’t know if you are familiar with the quote Create Berlin and that sounds like a good cause for me to be around and create, be a part of this great city’s making and finally leave a foot print. I strongly believe that in the next 8-10 years Berlin is going to be the capital of Europe and I would like for Hermes and Zeus to grow with it and establish its presence within the powers of the city.”

How do you feel the yacht market today, 4 years after the beginning of a major financial crisis?

T.F.: “Let’s start from the question, In Greek the word crisis is not that bad actually, it simply means that it is time for decisions, so I don’t see something bad in it, all we need to do is think and act right, may  some people-markets won’t be able to afford theirs boats-luxury but other markets will be ready to accept. The BRIC ( In economics, BRIC is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. It is typically rendered as “the BRICs” or “the BRIC countries” or “the BRIC economies” or alternatively as the “Big Four’s.) is where all Boat-Luxury makers are focusing on for the late 5 years and they see sales growth percentages rising satisfying every quarter. What’s challenging is to design objects that would make sales in each market and to do that we have to get known of tradition, habits, approach to luxury lifestyle, trust me, that would be a very good way to evolve, adapt and finally create something new but still luxurious and elegant. That also will show who designs-creates paths on the same base and who keeps on using patterns and styles that people got used to. So I see only good things coming out of it.”

NauticNews Tech Specs of the Mystic Powerboats IF60

The range of Mystic Powerboats on NauticNews

Photo Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

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