CRN launches « Dislopen », a new concept for luxury yachts

CRN, one of the brands of the Ferretti Group launches a range of custom leisure boats between 43 and 62 metres which will combine the aesthetics of the open boats with the comfort of displacement yachts. This is a unique megayacht concept which is destined to establish new standards in the international luxury yachting industry.

Dislopen, a range of innovative steel and aluminum boats, which marry the shape and style of a high-performance open boat with the volume and the comfort of a large displacement yacht.

CRN intends for the Dislopen line to develop a new range in leisure boats, that offer a unique way to experience sailing and cruising, offering constant direct contact with the sea through its outdoor areas whilst having even greater onboard comfort and space.

This original concept developed from a combination of ideas garnered from CRN’s many years of experience in bespoke Megayachts,  as well as the architects Gianni and Paola Zuccon of Studio Zuccon International Project, long-standing partners of the brand and the Ferretti Group. The Dislopen line is born from a combination of  three megayacht macro-projects:  Sport line, a 46 metre long model, a second 52 metre long model and the third is 62 metre long.  The 46 and the 52 have also been developed in two versions in which the stern varies aesthetically, reducing the overall length by two metres in each model, giving it a neater and more minimul look.

The Dislopen range has a sporty look, similar to that of small and medium yachts, but is also able to make longer trips, even across the ocean, and still have the typical comfort of a displacement megayacht.

Every Megayacht of the CRN Dislopen has four or five decks (from the top: a sun deck -only available in the 46 and 52 metres- owner’s deck, main deck, lower deck, sub deck, the latter is reserved for technical spaces and the galley), on which open areas prevail.  The interior and the exterior layout has been redesigned to obtain simple and functional solutions that exploit each area on board in an original manner.

Specifically, on the main deck there is a large completely open cockpit with a sunbathing area – with a large swimming pool in the three exclusive designs – a luxurious large lounge and a covered dining area which creates a harmonious “Al fresco” dining area. On the bow of the main deck lies another open-air lounge area with a C-shaped sofa and table and a large sun deck. Indoors, there is a jig-hall, a lobby, a dining area towards the prow and a large cinema hall, which can be used as a fitness room.

On the upper deck, which is exclusively dedicated to the ship owner – called the ship owner’s bridge – there is a large open cockpit suite towards the stern.

Finally, on the sun deck, which is accessed through a central outdoor staircase or through the internal lobby staircase, there is a second sunbathing area and retractable dashboard at the stem, a typical feature of the open boats.

All the Dislopen models have five VIP cabins and a master suite, with a crew, that is adequate to the size of a mega yacht (9 to 15 crew members), accommodated towards the lower deck away from the guests’ sleeping area.

Besides the numerous open air spaces that can be enjoyed whilst sailing, once anchored, the guests can enjoy other surfaces which have become must-have’s for CRN clients. An example of this is the full beam retractable terrace overlooking the sea in the VIP guest cabins, found towards the prow of the main deck on the 52 metre.  The same opening is found in the dining room of the 46 metre projects.  Finally, on the 62 metre there are two terraces, one on each side of the boat, from the dining room that lies on the stem of the main deck. Moreover, on the 46 metre yacht, at the side of the stern, the guests can enjoy an area with a folding beach by the sea, used for fitness and wellness.

On the 52 metre yacht, the ship owner can enjoy the beach club at the stern, an area obtained by the opening of a door that turns into a real beach, to be used as solarium.

The maximised interior, provides wide spaces, thanks to the way the areas have been used, eliminating those spaces that were normally unused by the ship owner.  Moreover, the presence of large windows at the sides of the bridges make the internal hall more airy, allowing a panoramic view from all parts of the ship, which is another unusual feature for a yacht of this size.

According to Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman of CRN and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of the Ferretti Group “With the Dislopen concept, CRN confirms its vocation in the international luxury boating:  innovation, creation, looking forward.  The project is the result of detailed analysis of the market and its demands, carried out by CRN together with the Ferretti Group as well asour commitement to research and development and our collaboration with our long-standing partners at Studio Zuccon”.

“… We are already working at implementing the Dislopen project, providing continuation to a phase that today features the ship yard of Ancona engaged in the construction of twenty Megayachts that are unique worldwide”  Tacoli concludes.

The architect Gianni Zuccon explains: “The project of the new CRN boat range Dislopen clearly defines itself, already by its name, as a research into innovative typologies, by critically reconsidering the prevailing spatial and functional contents of the other types of boats.  The Dislopen is a kind of hybrid typology that aims at constructing a new scene in which the positive aspects of onboard living are given particular attention as regards individual and common spaces as well as the dynamics created between the external and the internal spaces.

Dislopen aspires to serve as a way of life at sea in which it is possible to merge the typical features of comfort of displacement boats with simplicity and the sportiness of smaller open boats.  With its actual size difference, it proposes itself with a language that is based on stylistic features capable of expressing this fusion”.

The 46 m Sport has 2 Caterpillar C32 engines with a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 15 knots; the 52m Sport sails with 2 Caterpillar 3512 C engines at a cruising speed of 14 and a maximum speed of 15. The Dislopen 62m Sport is powered by 2 Caterpillar C 3512 C engines that can reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 15 knots.

The ships are classified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and are MCA compliant.

CRN is confident that the innovative capacity of the project and the flexibility of the proposal will be a huge success with their customers.

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