Launch of Loïck Peyron’s boat for the next Route du Rhum

A story of friendship…

Completely different to the typical realisations that come out of this yard, this is a project built on friendship and a mutual desire to see Loïck achieve his wish to take part in this 10th transatlantic race in a different way. For this original undertaking, Multiplast simply provided yard space, some tools and did some composite work.

Loïck Peyron :” This refit has been nothing but pleasure, the work to be done was quite considerable, and without being accomodated by Multiplast, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Respect for the past…

For some years now, Loïck Peyron has wanted to do the Route du Rhum in an alternative way, or rather, like before. “To get these boats into shape shows a good example ; to respect the past allows us to rethink the future”, explains the skipper who will commemorate the 36 th anniversary of Mike Birch’s victory in his own style. The little yellow trimaran’s victory against Michel Malinowski aboard his large monohull, with a difference of just 98 seconds separating the winner from his runner-up, has gone down in history.

“Happy” !

Choosing the name of the boat was done with the same state of mind. When we ask Loïck Peyron why he chose the name ‘Happy’, he replies simply, because such a project “makes you happy, elicits a smile. It’s the invention of a ‘smiley’ ahead of time”.

‘Happy’ will line up at the start with its main competitors in this class: A Capella with Charly Capelle, and another sistership skippered by JP Froc, to, as Loick says, “rediscover the emotion of feeling lost”.

Photo Credit : Multiplast

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