Yacht crew market trends 2022

The yacht crew market remains robust in 2022, with demand soaring. According to the latest yacht crew trends from recruiter The Crew Network, crew placements saw a jump of 11% in the first half of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021.

Luxury yachts require a highly experienced crew to not only ensure excellent service levels to the owner and their guests – or charter guests on charter yachts – but also to maintain the vessels. Yachts typically boast a crew of between four to 12, while the world’s most luxurious superyachts can boast up to 80.

Record-breaking yacht market

The record-breaking yacht market has continued to increase the demand for qualified crew. According to research, the global yacht market industry is expected to reach US$13.56 billion by 2030. While 2022 has seen a slight readjustment of the market, reports state that yacht sales are still up by an incredible 80% compared to 2020 and 77% when looking at average yacht sales over the past 13 years.

The charter market also remains robust as the vacation habits of the world’s richest shift to more exclusive, private, and highly tailored experiences. There are currently over 3,100 yachts for charter worldwide, with blue water havens such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean remaining the most favoured cruising destinations.

Both these increases in sales and charters have seen a surge in yacht crew jobs, placing high demand on yacht crew recruiters to seek qualified and professional crew to fill vacancies.

Yacht crew market continues to grow

Looking at yacht roles, according to TCN, most placements – around 25% – were for stews/stewardesses, followed by bosuns and deckhands at 16%, cooks at 13%, head chefs at 10%, chief officers at 9%, chief stews also at 9%, and captains at 6%. Only a handful of yacht crew jobs were for sous chefs and second and third officers, although these positions are predominantly reserved for larger vessels.

The high placement of stews/stewardesses underlines  the prevelance of these positions, with stews/stewardesses playing a vital role no matter its size. A stew/stewardess is typically seen as an entry-level service position, with stews/stewardesses responsible for maintaining a yacht’s interior to impeccable standards while ensuring those on board the vessel enjoy flawless service levels. This includes handling beverages and meal service, housekeeping, laundry, and arranging excursions.

Deckhands are also typically entry-level crew roles, responsible for the ship’s exterior and operation of tenders and water toys.

How to get a yacht crew job

With a surge in demand, more people have been seeking to join the superyacht industry, especially those wishing to pursue an alternative career to a traditional 9-5 job.

Crew enjoy myriad benefits, including high salaries that are often tax-free and an opportunity to travel the world and make lasting friendships.

All yacht crew need STCW basic safety training, which is an intensive five-day course, as well as an ENG1 medical certificate. For entry-level positions, such as stew/stewardesses, demonstrating relevant and transferrable skills is an asset. This may include experience working in the service industry in a luxury setting, for example, a high-end restaurant or resort.

For those wishing to break into the industry, the best way to secure a yacht crew placement is to work with a professional superyacht recruiter with deep industry contacts.  The best yacht crew recruiters will match candidates with the best jobs that not only offer a good fit in terms of experience, but also personality and expectations. The latest yacht crew market shows that demand for crew jobs will remain strong, offering ample opportunities for hard-working, talented individuals to join the yachting sector.

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