Explore The Mediterranean’s Unbeaten Path By Sail Charter

If – like many people – you didn’t get to explore as much of the world as you would have liked to in 2020, then you’ll already be thinking about planning holidays for 2021. Next year, instead of sticking to the typical vacation spots, why not book something a little more adventurous?

A sail charter is a fun and different way to explore a variety of exciting locations, giving you the option for a more active experience of actually sailing the yacht. At the same time, if you prefer to see rather than do, larger yachts will have a full crew to take charge on deck, leaving you to sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of a five-star vessel.

Hidden-gem destinations for a Mediterranean sail charter in 2021


Although Croatia has been growing in popularity over the last few years, with many people waking up to the beauty of its island-speckled coastline, its 718 islands to choose from mean that there’s more than enough for everyone to explore in peace. Its ever-changing landscape makes it the perfect setting for adventure. At the same time, Croatia also offers crystal-clear seas and white pebbles and sands, ideal for indulging in rest and relaxation. Croatia’s 6,000 km of coast also typically offers good wind conditions, which will make your first time sailing the Mediterranean highly enjoyable.

Where to go?

Hvar is home to Croatia’s sunniest beach, where the sun never seems to set – the perfect spot for a romantic beach picnic. Meanwhile Brac and Korciula boast arguably the most transparent waters in Europe, and Krk’s secluded bay is breathtaking, with its rugged rocks and tranquility. Many of the best coves are best accessed by boat.

For history and culture, you can’t get much better than Dubrovnik and Split. In the former, you’ll be awed by the beauty of the old town, with its limestone streets, baroque buildings and ancient city walls. Meanwhile, Split offers the sprawling Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage Site), which today plays host to lively restaurants, bars and shops. Its dramatic setting, with turquoise waters against dramatic mountains, makes it the perfect place to drop anchor after a day of adventurous sail charter, perhaps toasting the sunset with a glass of local wine.


Corsica is another beautiful Mediterranean destination that often gets forgotten about – to the benefit of savvy travellers. Located in the southeast of France and benefiting from a warm and dry climate, Corsica is a haven for those who enjoy an active, nature-filled escape. It is often labelled the Beauty Island, thanks to its pretty scenery and well-preserved wildlife. Its beaches boast white sands, which contrast beautifully with its luscious greenery.

Thanks to Corsica’s position at the centre of the Mare Nostrum, the island is easily reached by anyone sailing through the Mediterranean. Its unique situation – having been a part of France for over 200 years yet maintaining its own distinct identity – makes for exciting cultural and gastronomic differences to the mainland. Don’t leave without trying the island’s most celebrated dish, the wild boar casserole.

Where to go?

The ports of Calvi and Bonifacio have a romance that suits a sailing yacht charter perfectly. Arrive into Calvi at dawn to appreciate the beauty of the sun on the mountains and the citadel welcoming you ashore. Alongside the town’s eateries and bars there is also a hike up to the little chapel of Notre Dame de la Serra, which offers breathtaking views over the town and the sea. Bonifacio with its cliffside Medieval houses is equally as charming, with a historic old town where you can lose yourself in quaint narrow streets.

For seemingly unlimited treks, Corsica’s Regional Nature Park and Strait of Bonifacio Marine Reserve both offer hikes to suit all abilities, alongside diving and snorkeling attractions.

Those who prefer to spend their sail charter on the beach will enjoy a trip to the Ile Rousse, which offers gin-clear waters, secluded coves, and deserted outcroppings of rock. For beautiful bays which can only be accessed by boat, try Palombaggia or Rondinara.

To explore the Mediterranean’s hidden gems, there is no better way than by sail charter. Why not make your 2021 escape a little more adventurous?

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