Aequus 7: the electro-solar boat


10/2009 –

Already introduced by in january 2009 (read our article “Electricity in the water“) the Aequus 7.0 will be present at the next Nautic in Paris.

Autonomous ? Solar energy? Both!

Aequus 7.o is equipped with a set of AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries which do not require servicing and can take up to 400 heavy discharge cycles (up to 80%) and much more if lighter. The 6 sqm solar panel roof protects from the sun and provides the necessary energy to run the electric motor or recharge the batteries. For occasional use and with sunny conditions, the solar charge totally compensates the energy consumption. The Aequus 7.o is then totally solar powered.

For more intensive use, or less sunny conditions, the batteries act as a buffer and become the main energy supply. These can then be rapidly recharged from a 220volts plug. The Aequus is then operating in an electro-solar mode.

The crew can monitor the battery charge level at any time and can thus modify the speed in accordance with the distance to sail, the degree of sunshine, the trip’s programme and available recharging facilities. Generations of navigators have been concerned about wind conditions before getting under way, so there is nothing very odd about looking at the sun and acquiring new practices!

Electricity changes the understanding of motor power

The power rating of a motor does not matter in terms of navigation, what is important is the propeller thrust. This is what propels the boat. Motor power is measured from the propeller shaft and is transformed into thrust by the propeller.  Because of their strong torque at low speed, electric motors (and particularly synchronous motors) can drive a high output propeller  (large surface and low speed rotation) with a low power rating.

The Aequus 7.o does not exceed the legal motor power limit and thus can be sailed (in France) without a permit at a speed of 7 knots. A more powerful combustion engine would be needed for an equivalent output with the inconveniences of noise, exhaust fumes, smell and require a permit.

Performance: No need to be hung up the speed is the same as a sailing yacht!

The naval architects Finot-Conq (four out of five winning yachts in the latest Vendée Globe race!) have designed this energy efficient boat in a digital testing tank. This electro-solar boat can reach a speed of 7 knots, and matches that of a sailing yacht of the same length under sail or when using its motor.

Aequus 7.o: The embodiment of modernity.

To be modern, is above all to embody the values of an era and a generation. This is the commitment made by Bruno HERVOUET at Aequus Boats in asking the Finot-Conq naval architect practice to design Aequus 7.o.

“Everybody can be in fashion, by simply copying one’s neighbour: Faster, brighter, bigger, more powerful, noisier…”
What is truly essential? What has most meaning?
Aequus 7.o has been designed by its owner to share a vision, invent tomorrow, change one’s habits, initiate new practices, bring people together, share…” Tech Specs of Aequus 7.0

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