Voiles de St Tropez 2005 – The last farewell


The Yachting season is over. As every year, the end of the “Voiles de Saint-Tropez” marks the start of the classic yachts’ well-earned winter rest.

The final regattas of the season were fought out at the traditional “Voiles de Saint-Tropez” event, which ended on Saturday October 8th 2005 with a splendid  grand finale. Spectators watched wistfully from the pier or from tourist boats as the 275 competitors headed off for one last race, under the watchful eye of Saint-Tropez’s famous yellow clock tower. From the oldest to the youngest, from Peggy Bawn to Mari Cha IV, every yacht was flying its finest colours.

Grand finale

The classic yachts sailed back and forth across the gulf in an extravaganza of elegance, with the weather on their side as the regatta began. In the final battle, each different class took its turn, ending with the majestic gaff-rigged ketches. Early in the afternoon, the wind finally faded away to nothing, causing an unforgettable sight as an impressive group of yachts formed in front of the Basse Rabiou buoy. Eventually, the Société Nautique decided to cut the last day of the season short, and one by one the sails disappeared as the schooners, ketches and yawls slowly folded away their regalia and returned silently to port, after a joyful exchange of goodbyes amongst the crews.

Rendez-vous en 2006

These classic yachts will now spend the winter as sleeping beauties until the time comes for their spring make-over. After celebrating her victory in the Panerai Trophy, Mariette can enjoy a well-deserved rest
as the fleet separates and its members head for their respective winter ports and crews and organisers leave Saint-Tropez, exhausted but satisfied with all their hard work.  For the event’s communication
and organisation manager Chloé De Brouwer, a long marathon is at last coming to an end, and her final task is to thank André Beaufils, the “humble” chairman who is “always available” and capable of  motivating some one hundred volunteers.

“For all those who have spent time organising this fine event, its success and the number of thanks we have received in return are the greatest reward of all,” she added. “This is what pushes us to do even
better the following year.” Given how outstanding the 2005 edition was, that makes next year quite a challenge. Meanwhile, with the “Voiles” finally over, the port of Saint-Tropez is slowly settling down to a
quieter life.



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